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In the creation of the clothing line she travelled through New York, South Africa, Jordan, Paris, Nice, Monte Carlo, Turkey, London and Vietnam inspired by the environment, festivals, nature, Safari wild life and the social lifestyles of these metropolitan cities.She produces an exciting range of outfits through her strong sense of personal style and identity from Petal prints to Monochrome, Pearly and Coal palettes.

A range of the brand is called the “MOMA range” which includes elegant Caftans for women who love the one piece, well-embroidered rich, effortlessly chic and elegant look.

Another range is the OMA, which forms her initials and signifies a woman of class who likes to express herself in the simplest form.

Omowunmi is a label that depicts a woman personifying freedom, elegance and class.

It is for the woman with a social lifestyle, encompassing an outfit for work, black-tie, cocktail, party wear, day wears and even linen beach wear.

An Omowunmi woman has a certain lifestyle; she’s social yet reserved, trendy yet effortlessly chic.