Whats a good email to send on a dating site

If you tell her that he is really a good man she will think you are terrific, because you make her feel better about the situation and herself even though you are lying.

Being an agony aunt is not always about telling the truth.

It can be about giving sympathy or telling lies to make someone feel better.

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They go by principles and practical things instead of feelings, and forget that it is an emotional situation first and foremost for this person, with the practical things following after.

The worst sort of agony aunt online is the one who tells the client the obvious and assumes they are so thick they cannot think of this for themself. Lonely people are usually in that predicament because for one reason or another they are unable to meet people who become friends.

Yet this website said that they advised lonely people to contact all of their friends and invite them over!

This is saying that they are so stupid they cannot think of a simple thing like making a phone call or inviting someone to come over.

The thing about giving advice is that everyone thinks they can do it, and when they think they will get their name plastered over a newspaper, magazine or website they are even more keen.


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