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What is the difference between Spanish rice and Cuban rice?

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I tried searching on the Weight Watchers Web site for recipes for each, to see what they are referring to as Cuban rice, but I didn't have any luck.

Made my way throughout Canada and 'never' heard a single local reference to smoking 'fags' , and in fact got kinda tired of the predictable reaction when I myself used the term, which I would say occurred at the same rate it does in the US.

Hey, you use the term 'fag' as an offensive term for gay men, well done. If in Ontario you can legally marry a cigarette, then if on your wedding night you engage in the cliched post-coital smoke with a different cigarette, would that be considered grounds for adultery?

Making even less sense, there's a barely visible "Shown at" typed near the left of base of the sign, and that website is for porn. (Now I'm frightened that that may actually exist.) ETA: This site does actually have a humorous photo section, not particularly all sex related.

I haven't been able to find the photo in question yet, but this is the list of photos.