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Teens have sex with complete strangers, though it's worth noting that they're also shown shopping for condoms. A man in a truck tries to mow down a naked teenager he catches having sex with his wife. Two brothers can't seem to stop fighting; the older one likes to beat up on the younger. Characters listen in on others having sex; bare breasts are exposed, as well as a man's testes.

Friends are loyal to one another, even when their bonds are tested. Lots of talk about sex: how to have it, what makes it fun. Characters hook up with strangers, some of whom are married.

The film opens with a teenager having a dream about someone performing a sex act on him (oral sex is implied). Parents need to know that this hard-R high school sex comedy -- which is squarely aimed at teens -- is "Judd Apatow lite," meaning that it has all the crassness of Apatow's comedies but not nearly as much heart or brilliance.

It centers around a high school senior who's fixed on losing his virginity with the help of a girl he met on the Internet.