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Leading the way with male grooming tutorials is Ross Callahan who posts You Tube videos on the channel Skin Care With Ross, currently ranking over 7 million views and approaching 100,000 subscribers.Meanwhile in 2014 Lynx launched the #Hairby Lynx initiative (Twitter and Pinterest), which featured 60-second styling tutorials to help men create hairstyles including pompadour, quiff, short back and side, textured crop, and a slick side part.

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Indeed, amongst UK men aged 16-24, 31% have used BB cream in the past year, compared to just under a fifth of UK men overall, indicating an interest in skincare and make-up hybrids.

Social media has seen women’s makeup trends kicked into overdrive, with the rise of contouring, strobing and now baking.

Parallels are also seen in the male grooming markets, with a particular focus on fitness and body image.

This new appearance driven culture has been harnessed by BPC brands, offering a range of products to help consumers create popular beauty and grooming trends.

Indeed there are a number of players in the male make-up market; YSL offer a male variant of their hero product Touche Eclat and fellow prestige brand Tom Ford offers concealing and bronzing products.


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    Both victims and perpetrators of bullying are at a higher risk for suicide than their peers.

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    Note: Neither the FWC nor the State of Florida endorse any individual company, and each company is solely responsible for their products/services and fulfillment of any offers.

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    The table below lists all known USMC Recon/EW aircraft dating back to WW II.

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    In addition, you can also extracting audio from movie or music video and converting to i Pod supported MP3 file format!