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When she returns to her parent’s home somewhere in Bavaria, she starts to spend an unusual amount of time with the male population of her village.

This is one of those plentiful sex comedies from the 1970s which were set in rural Bavaria.

Some of these movies retained a bit of charm and remain quite watchable - if you're slightly drunk or below the age of 12. The first warning sign is the director's name: Alois Brummer.

This film does not even make a half-hearted effort in sustaining a story, the only common thread is to follow the shenanigans of the leading lady (or leading mattress, to be precise).

How this one-bonk wonder ever got the lead here is beyond me, she is not particularly pretty (by soft porn standards: ugly), has no charisma, and even her voice was replaced in the dubbing.

The comedy bits which in this genre typically keep the story together are very thin: the stalwarts of the genre, Muxeneder, Mahler, and Moosholzer all produce a small cameo which is completely generic and exchangeable, while the comedy takes which are connected to the story manage to be less funny than politicians trying to tell jokes at party conferences.

Heidi tries to improve her grades at school by having sex with her teacher.

When she returns to her parent's home somewhere in Bavaria, she starts to spend an unusual amount of time with ...


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    Tecknar bland annat fristående serier och illustrationer samt följetongerna "Stallgänget på Tuva" och "Freddie på Firefoot Farm" och skämtserierna "Mulle – världens mesta häst" och "Jojjo och gänget" för Min Häst.

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