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Connecting with nature is one way for you and your family to boost wellbeing and support your health each day.

The Mental Health Foundation has created this poster for their Awareness Week, which you can download for free for your home or workplace!

: want you to make time to feel naturally happy, but we know it's not always easy.

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Our newest poster gives you inspiration for your date with nature.

Whether you're speed dating or have time for a more meaningful connection, there are ideas here for just about everyone to connect with nature and start feeling happier and less stressed.

Download the high-res poster from the Mental Health Awareness Week website: interesting article about the benefits of having a pet!

Make sure to spend time with your pets this weekend, or share your pet with a friend that needs a little extra furry friend love.

Which, as the old adage tells us, never happens.” Many people fall into this habit of not feeling like they have ‘earned’ leisure time, especially when they are focused on taking care of someone else.


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