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RU Full Throttle is a weekly program just for teens that meets on Friday night.

According to the Barna research group, one-third of teens say “church is boring”, and one-quarter say “faith is not relevant to my career or interests”.

Sixty percent of teens who grew up attending church will leave it within two years of graduating high school, and by the time college graduation comes around the number rises to 80%.

We believe it is because even though the Bible has the answers to these young adults’ questions and struggles, Christians generally do a terrible job at engaging teenagers with those answers.

We have the Power of the ages at our disposal; and yet, we present that to teens in a boring and un-exciting way.

TALA IS AFFILIATED WITH THE CALIFORNIA FASHION ASSOCIATION, and together, we will continue to create international awareness of California’s significant position as one of the largest distribution centers for fashion merchandise globally.


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