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There are two types of cards (EUR 7.50): anonymous, which anyone can buy from the OV-chipkaart machines or station, or personal, which you can apply for online.

Your pass can be loaded from one of the OV-chipkaart machines strategically placed at train and metro stations, or you can arrange for your personal card to ‘load’ automatically from a bank account.

You pay for the distance travelled by swiping it upon entering and leaving your transport station.

Personal products, such as season or discount tickets, can be loaded to your personal OV-chipkaart and you are automatically eligible for discounts.

The OV-chipkaart website ( also has an English language section where you can find lines of action should you lose your card or forget to swipe out (you will automatically be charged the maximum travel price but refunds can be requested).


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    Additionally, online dating is less competitive than the bar/club scene.

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    Their statebuilding showed some common characteristics, for example both Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia created a synthetic, “super-national” ideology (Czechoslovakism and Yugoslavism) to homogenize the ethnic diversity and the different nationalities within the states.

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