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What they offer is something akin to a crash course in sex education, props included of course.

A woman seated beside me at the bridal shower explains that she considers Mungai’s routine to be quite tame compared to what other sex aunts offer, “In other showers I have attended, the sex aunt would even show us [how to] strip seductively.” There are tales of sex aunts who go as far as teaching women how to moan during sex or how to ‘talk dirty’ to arouse a man.

Reportedly, some of the most daring sex aunts use couples to assist with demonstrations.

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Getrude Mungai, arguably Kenya’s most high profile and sought after ‘sex aunt’, is guiding the conversation, drawing from her wealth of life experience as a wife, mother and educator.

The discussion moves fluidly from one topic to another, punctuated with fits of laughter, chuckles and gasps: from sex to in-laws, to communication between couples, to handling finances in the home, honeymooning, children… “No two bridal showers are the same,” Mungai states.

This time around, the bridal party has a list of the topics they want addressed.

When it comes to demonstrating certain sex techniques, Mungai uses a dildo and an artificial vagina as props. Towards the end of the session, she gives the bride-tobe copies of her instructional DVDs (The Modern Sexy Woman, Handjob Techniques) which will provide further instruction if needed.

Mungai also sells little bottles of personal lubricant to the women who leap at the chance to buy such an item without the embarrassment of making the purchase at a shop.