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While the scene where she finally comes clean to the H is pretty good and she did finally get a lot off her chest, that was the most dialogue they had the entire book.. Also just a little bit of my opinion- I wish the author had been a little more imaginative in the sex scene words. That was so worthy of a 4 stars - she was ranting in the rain - think thunder!!! I absolutely HATE the word "cunt" and it was used WAY too much.. A different take on adultery, where you kinda get to see both sides of the fence. It was fun to see the characters go through various emotions and struggle with them. When Melina finally let loose her rage and anger and rant on what her cheating scum of her husband did and how it affected her.

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It is common in plea-bargain agreements for charges other than those to which pleas are entered to be dismissed at the time the defendant is sentenced.

Following Gosnell’s arrest Ed Dardenna-Ankringa, the Rim district’s former assistant superintendent, told this newspaper Gosnell is a substitute employee who, though not specifically assigned to work at the high school, could be assigned to work at various campuses when the need arose.

Dardenna-Ankringa said the district “took immediate and prudent action” when it learned of his arrest, though because it was a personnel matter he would not specify what the action was.

Larry King, the man who replaced Dardenna-Ankringa, confirmed that Gosnell has not worked for the school district since charges were filed against him.

Details were not available about the charge to which Gosnell pleaded.