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Just like the rest of the body, the womb and surrounding reproductive organs have an organised disposal system.

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Question 3 Once inside a woman’s body - what sort of distances do you think sperm do you think sperm can swim on average an hour?

a) 1 cm an hour b) 5 cm an hour c) 9 cm an hour Answer is C.

Drinking, smoking, drugs, poor diet and bad health can all affect how fast a man’s sperm can swim once inside a woman’s body.

The super Olympic-sperm, or “the one’s that are not hung-over, stoned, gasping from cigarette smoke or couch-potatoes”, swim over 9 cm an hour. There are about 1,500 sperm in one grammatical full-stop. Question 4 Which of these has the most nerve endings than any other in the body?

The most taboo elements of society are also the most misunderstood, and sex is no exception.


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