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At one point, Caveman is lying on his back and I am beside him. Just the anticipation of sex, of him touching me there without being able to move, has me squirming. Makes me wish he was going down on me, giving me oral sex. The orgasms came really quickly but the disappointment over the speed of attaining them (I get off too fast) was dulled by the sexy, sexy intensity and sensuality of it all.I'm insanely wet and he uses my own wetness to lube up. Last night several things happened that were new and felt very good.

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I spent years thinking of sex as a reward for when things are good. Often, when he's concentrating on giving me orgasms, he keeps my hands from his penis (despite my best efforts to sneak down there). That super hardness was a happy surprise because we had already screwed earlier.

I'm slowly learning to accept this concept of uninterrupted concentration because I'm quite different. And all of a sudden, he gets on top of me and starts screwing all over again. Breasts and nipples require licking and sucking between acts.

I like the sensations to be happening all over the body. Funny how my tongue just instantly starts tracing over his neck and face when we're doing this. There is this thing that happens with his cock that is very pleasing but hard to describe.

I'll gladly have a penis in my hand or mouth while he's working on me. I get this feeling as if it is telescoping into my cunt.

I have spent a bit of time searching for good quality free sexy stories on the internet. I have new appreciation for the one-person-naked-and-the-other-person-dressed sex scenario. Not unlike my repeat fantasy of visiting Caveman in his office and him letting me remove key clothing items from him and have a really deep blowjob. While a clitgasm builds and climaxes, a tailgasm is a steady something of good feeling that is unwavering. Lying there with my legs so wide, my pussy so open, the air blowing on me, the tail buzzing: I am ready to blow. But I feel nothing but the cold air of the fan making my nipples sharp like the tips of knives. ) stays in the ass and other fingers roam the front.


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