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Some view this as way for Apple to revive its secretive self-driving electric car effort.

Forensic dentist Dr Paulo Miamoto and 3D graphics expert Cicero Moraes reconstructed the face of the ancient ruler whose remains were first discovered in 1987 near Sipán in Peru.

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Lord of Sipán ruled the Moche civilisation, which flourished in Peru between AD 50 and AD 700.

The Moche Civilisation lived on the Northern coast of what is now Peru between AD 50 and AD 700.

A new project is aiming to use 3D scanners to record and analyse more than 2,000 piece of rock art (pictured) scattered around the Scottish countryside in the hope of revealing new links between the carvings.

They are being helped by amateur archaeologist George Currie, from Dundee, who has single-handedly discovered and logged 670 prehistoric carvings around the country.

A macabre discovery on an Australian riverbank has shed new light on the powerful wooden weapons of ancient Aboriginal tribes.


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