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Silvia, who may have her own table at the patio as she is one of the only logical thinkers involved in this story, asks why he didn’t advise Aldonza that she’s rushing into the divorce and doesn’t need Sev’s participation for the DNA test. Silvia calls Ren out on the obvious and steaming pile of BS he just spouted and they end up in a huge screaming match.

Silvia tells him that he’s ignoring his obligations as a lawyer and taking advantage of the situation because he wants Aldonza. )PJ returns from giving someone last rites or something.

He yells back that if she’s not down with his plan, she can leave! Lulu lets him know that Aldie was in the church, crying to fill a sea, and then Cris was in there wrestling with something that ended up driving him back out to the streets.

(To further signal to us that Ren’s crossing to the dark side, he tries to “Shhh” Silvia! PJ wonders what the devil is going on with those two now. Ren tells her to wait…but just so that he can tell her not to tell Aldonza what’s up.

Ren’s foolishness just confirms for Silvia that she was right: he’s obsessed with Aldonza. Silvia’s smart enough to recognize an idiot when she sees one and goes back into her office, possibly to pack right this instant before she too is infected with the dreaded Iman Imbecileyes aka Ass Head.