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Bill told me the other night that he went out on his 15th Tinder date.

For the first time he walked into the coffee shop, and sitting there was somebody who was actually prettier than her pictures. When you're out and about and you see someone you're attracted to, your social anxiety takes over. The only reason why it's the only thing you're doing is because you're trying to avoid your social anxiety, and then it is never going to be cured.

You're seeing somebody you're physically attracted to and you're curious about them, but it's easier to dive into our phones and start swiping. Sure there is a chance you may meet somebody on or somewhere else, but just imagine if you actually push through your social anxiety and your shyness.

If more people started talking to one another, if YOU started talking to more people, you'd move to the front of the line socially. I'm not against swipe dates, or Internet dating at all. You would increase your odds of meeting somebody and finding true love.

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