Rainbow lgbt dating sites

One strange point: Rainbow Singles says you need to register to see user blogs, but once you've registered, the only page you see when you click on blogs is the one reminded you to sign up - again.

Obviously a glitch that needs fixing, or removing entirely from the site.

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One feature I rarely see on any dating site is the ability to "unregister" your account, a feature prominently displayed to all users with free or paid subscriptions.

An excellent service, as then you're aware of when people are actually on the site looking, or have found love and deleted their account.

Membership Fees A 30 day membership with Rainbow Christians costs $5, 180 days is $25, and a full year's membership is $40 - all in USD.

The only method of payment available is Pay Pal; the site does not accept cash, credit (other than through Pay Pal), checks or money orders.

Rainbow Wedding Network is the proud producer of dozens of Gay & Lesbian Wedding Expos throughout the nation!