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If we are to reconstruct the history of the Qumran sect and its way of life, we must build upon the substantial archaeological evidence available to us from the settlement at Qumran, close to the caves where the scrolls were discovered.

Almost all research on the scrolls confirms the conclusion reached by early investigators- that the site and building complex of Qumran, immediately below the cliffs, were intimately linked with both the caves and the scrolls found within them.

Such a relationship can be conclusively established by comparison of the dating of the ruins with the scroll-dating derived by paleography and more recently from carbon-14 tests.

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The story about publication of the excavation reports is very similar to that of the scrolls themselves.

But there is one major difference – Whereas the entire collection of written texts is now available in photographic form to all scholars, the results of the excavations conducted by de Vaux and his team have still been published only in preliminary reports and in a summary volume.

The specific, detailed records and plans are just now, more than twenty years after de Vaux’s death, being prepared for publication.

It is expected that Jean-Baptiste Humbert of the École Biblique in Jerusalem, where de Vaux was based, will publish the records and plans of the architecture.

Robert Donceel and Pauline Donceel-Vaute, a Belgian husband-and-wife team, have undertaken to publish an analysis of the pottery.