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Join the LGBT Campus Center and our campus partners in welcoming new and returning students to campus! 13 | -pm Graduate & International Grad Student Welcome Wednesday, Sept. 16 | -pm Location, access info, and other details on the event pages above. Please contact us for any other accommodations or questions at [email protected] or 608-265-3344.

Welcome Back Ice Cream Social and Student Resource Fair Wednesday, Sept. 12 | sunset | base of Bascom Hill Throwback Tuesday Tuesday, Sept.

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Transgender people face high rates of workplace discrimination and harassment; unemployment; economic insecurity; and homelessness.

The 2009 National Transgender Discrimination Survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force revealed the following key findings: Facing these realities, model and transgender blacktivist Ryley Rubin Pogensky has decided to forge his own path towards greater economic security.

Ryley is transforming his love of hot dogs into his own business: His very own QTPOC owned and operated hot dog stand. If you follow Ryley on the gram at @inbetweenthebun, you’ll see firsthand that he’s spending most of his hard earned money feeding his hot dog addiction.

Only now, he’ll be at the helm as a QTPOC entrepreneur and serving as a role model for others to create their own employment opportunities outside the traditional workforce.

A riot grrrl at heart, Crispin Torres contemplates his journey to navigate his catholic faith and how he eventually found love in a bandmate.


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    Team Manager: Sharon Austin (Haringey) Head Coach: Allan Thornton (Ealing) Coaches: Bram Montgomery (C & W), John Adye (Hillingdon), Stewart Park (Harrow), Rob Crofts (Staines). We had another great turnout with 85 divers participating from all the clubs.

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    Master Pain draws a crowd and demonstrates his skills.

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    Si detecta algún error, por favor avísenos haciendo click en “Reportar un error” (más abajo en esta misma página). Beneficios exclusivos para Suscriptores ORO Y en general…

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