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When you’re ready to get your permit or license at the DPS, Aceable will give you a list of what forms in the packet you need to bring with you and guide you through how to fill them out. In order to get your permit, you’ll need to complete Level 1 (the first six hours of the course) and the Written Knowledge Test at the end of Level 1.

This means that you won’t need to take the Written Knowledge Test at the DPS!

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Welcome to Aceable’s Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed course! Instead, work on your drivers ed requirement on your computer, tablet, or phone. NOTE: YOU SHOULD NOT START YOUR COURSE UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR PTDE PACKET FROM THE TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF LICENSING AND REGULATION (TDLR).

IF YOU STARTED THE COURSE BEFORE GETTING YOUR PACKET, STOP WORKING ON THE COURSE AND TAKE THE FOLLOWING STEPS: The first step of the process is ordering the Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE) Packet from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

You can order the packet from the TDLR and submit the mandatory $20 state fee online The PTDE packet contains forms that you’ll fill out and submit to your local DPS office when you get your permit and license.