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You can spread your teasers and trailers, and you can endorse your book to your friends online.Don’t be afraid to ask your friends to share your posts. People will get interested and would want to know more about what you are trying to endorse.If you’re not so comfortable asking people to share them, hashtags will suffice. You can upload your book covers, teasers, video trailers, and the necessary information about your book.

If you decide to self-publish but are on a tight budget, you might opt to allot the bulk of your resources to self-publishing companies to assure the completion of your book.

If that is so, you are then left with the job of bolstering your book to become the next best thing; in other words, marketing.

With that in mind, learning the ropes of marketing is imperative. Infographics Don’t be afraid to play with images and colors to attract attention.

The recent advancements in technology have made this job way easier. Through whatever medium you choose to market, be it broadcast or print, what you say greatly affects your audience’s purchasing decisions. Most importantly, write something they are most definitely going to remember. Some people are more visually oriented than others.

Anyone can go online and everything is just a click away. For those who are pressed for money and those who want to get down and dirty in this business, here are seven tools you should know to maximize your marketing campaign. If you’re trying to endorse your book, don’t be lengthy and boring. A lengthy and wordy email or blog post might turn off a fraction of your audience.