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Users can post their upcoming runs on Facebook and get cheers in their headphones each time a friend Likes or comments on their status.

For runners feeling sluggish, try activating Nike’s “powersong” to help push through tough spells or even get inspirational words from one of Nike’s athletes. Run Keeper's a popular app among the running community for a reason.

Users can also earn badges and unlock extra features whenever they break a record or reach a running milestone. Along with inputting user stats on the website to track progress, runners can also find routes, add activities like strength training to get a fitness report, and even start a training plan to prepare for races with other community users. This handy little app comes loaded with features to help measure running progress, including speed, elevation, and calories burned.

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Gone are the days of just lacing up sneakers and running the road.

With today’s mobile apps, anyone can get a challenge each time they hit the pavement.

Whether it’s a built-in GPS tracker, getting encouragement from friends, or running away from a horde of zombies, these 11 running apps have it all. This app lets users track workouts, set up weekly schedules to stay on target, and even see how they stack against other users around the world.

Cardio Trainer’s got the standard stuff down but its best — and most fun — feature is Move Your Bot.

Each time runners workout with the app, they earn “energy points” that they can use to play sports games within the app.


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