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And how could you believe Me when you only accept each other's praise whilst never desiring the glory that can only come from God?

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At this point things start go right, so the Benny Hill theme doesn't fit the failure reel from before. You drag out my progression ridiculously, inhibiting my natural growth. What possible retort do you have, in your feeble attemp- (Cue the Blue Moon tournament's first scenario being the Watergod scenario) SON OF AN INFERNAL FUCKING THUNDERCUNT.

But, it still fits, considering how everyone runs around like headless chickens and Elmdor loses his clothing." EPM: The siren call of dark powers... 21 updates in, and my resources are still meaningless.

*Loads Infinite Zenny code* I embrace this newfound might.

*Adds Fast Gauge to folder as Regular Chip* how it should be.