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If you are young, handsome and rich you may have a chance. A phone call is the cheapest method to contact her. Tell her you want to meet only on Skype or some other free web site.

If you are middle aged, average looking with an average income there is a good chance you are being scammed. If she hesitates or tells you she wants to stay with the Anastasia dating site there is a good chance she is making money from you.

Be realistic, how many beautiful 20 year old women are calling you?

I have registered with this site a long time ago where I met my wife. There are a lot of my friends who are on this site and they are happy with it. Had been on a couple of dating websites and all the dates were duds. We've been staying in touch for already 2 years and and I couldn't imagine that getting relationships on the Internet is possible. A: Bennie T...seems you are not a customer of ours. When in doubt on our site customers can arrange a video date for example or video call to communicate.

I made a profile on and after a several months almost gave up then I found my soulmate. Your broad statements seem to imply you had some bad luck elsewhere but not on our site.

That said, there is nothing factual about your post..is not even a question. Living here in Ukraine, I can tell you maybe 1% of the lady's are honestly looking for someone.

She had also been bombed from the air in Liverpool, and had developed a fatalism to cope with the nightly danger of being blown to pieces, shocking to me then and since.