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What happens when you try to teach outraged people how low the hazard is? Outraged people naturally tend to resist learning that they are technically wrong.

(You and I do the same thing when we are outraged.) And when outraged people do somehow manage to absorb new information, their values are unlikely to reflect the change. Imagine a roomful of citizens listening to an expert on pesticide risks, perhaps someone like Bruce Ames of the University of California.

Ames has conducted research suggesting that natural carcinogens in food are several orders of magnitude riskier than pesticide residues.

To summarize Ames’s argument in a single oversimplified sentence: Broccoli is more carcinogenic than dioxin.

As Ames tries to convince his audience of this, he faces an uphill battle. The audience is calm, there is no cancer cluster in town, the food is good, there’s plenty of time, and Ames is a persuasive speaker with a lot of data to back him up.


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