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Worried about swiping right when you meant to swipe left? Claire Pullen, one of my friends from high school, is a brand ambassador for Bumble at Clemson University.

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Sprinters are only involved for a week and are paid for their work, then pass the responsibility on to a friend in a different city to do it next. Being a Sprinter is a great way for college students to make easy money through a short-term commitment to a new, young, fun company.

Six silicic eruptive cycles have been recognized in the last 50 ka at Pantelleria.

The products of each cycle exhibit a compositional variation from pantellerite to less peralkaline rhyolite or to trachyte.

The relationships between the range of chemical variation, the erupted volume and the time of eruptions, allow us to estimate an average differentiation rate of 5% crystal fractionation per 1000 years and a constant long-term rate of magma discharge of 0.1 km per 1000 years.

Often described as the "feminist" dating app, Bumble is changing the game of online dating by proving that it doesn’t have to be associated with creepy old guys and random hookups.