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He loved numbers so much that his second wife considered them his mistress.

She wasn't as forgiving of Feynman's dalliances with sweet lady calculus as Einstein and Schrödinger's wives had been with their actual sexual escapades.

She divorced Feynman, a master of quantum mechanics, because of his love affair with math.

Feynman's first wife had died of tuberculosis in 1945. He married Gweneth Howarth and lived happily ever after in the beach house he bought with his share of the Nobel Prize award that he won in 1965.

“Research shows that the profiles have to be as close to reality as possible and be described in a simple, fluent and humorous way so as to attract the party that matches your profile.”Khan said that since screen names are often sorted alphabetically when online sites do their automatic “matching” algorithms, it makes sense to use an anonymous screen name starting with the letters A to M.


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    Jean and Bill sought a psychological consult regarding their youngest son, Lucas, a senior in high school.

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    Luego de esto, los caballeros de bronce entran y para poder llegar al mundo del Elíseo deberán pasar algunas nuevas adversidades.

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