Online dating funny stories

Wanna feel better about your dating life by reading the nightmare dating stories of others? We met online, chatted a few times, then decided to meet for a little dinner. I tried to make the best of it but it became clear that she was more interested in the server than me. This guy came in almost every day and flirted with me, eventually asking me on dates. He was cute; brown, doe eyes, brown hair, pale skin and owned his own business(not that I was a gold digger or anything), but something kept telling me to say no.

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that you’ve met your universal quota for horrifying and bizarre dates you find that it truly can always be worse. Out of curiosity I joined a dating site called ‘Oasis’.

While not easily shocked by anything anymore I give it to this guy, he wins hands down. I like to have several conversations before committing to a face-to-face meeting (in order to get a sense of his personality and motives).

While initially mortified by the situation I vowed to never tell anyone this story. Two weeks ago I found myself accepting a date after the first conversation.

It was a Friday afternoon, he asked me my plans and for some reason I erred on the side of caution and agreed to meet him that evening. ‘The Shakey’ he called it, which I work out to be the Shakespeare Hotel near Central Station (although further by foot than I thought). Read the rest of this awful date » I went out with a guy to see a movie at the movie theater.