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She manages to tackle serious issues as well as answering more trivial questions that almost every twenty something dater will have asked themselves at some point.

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A Glasgow native, Paul Tomas Bell, prides himself on offering an honest and straightforward blog.

Paul aims to help people better navigate their way through the journey of dating, and strongly believes that men especially should be more open about issues around love.

His work ranges from extremely practical pieces of advice, such as basic first date dressing tips, all the way to incisive interviews with Tanni Grey-Thomson and Frank Turner.

Voices like Paul’s are vital for online dating advice in a sector which is very often female dominated, his extremely thoughtful advice is a breath of fresh air to the dating advice industry.

Read more here on Paul’s blog The second Glaswegian on our list (must be something in the water), Naomi, started her blog to vent frustration after a terrible date – and thank god for that terrible date!