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And by comprehend, I mean Paul Abbey has a Masters Degree in Sexual Health from the University of Sydney in Australia.

He has authored several self-help novels and has been a guest speaker in four Continents and many different cities from around the world.

At, Abbey is the leading authority in human sexuality and he strives to help shape the dating community into a more relevant and understanding place for both men and women.

The growth in demand for and popularity of online dating sites over the past decade has been phenomenal.

Here’s an issue that has been coming up in online dating blogs recently: men who let their girlfriends sleep with other women, and women who accept this offer, and everyone thinking this is cool. By everyone being a-okay with just sex dating other women in an otherwise monogamous relationship, both parties are doing a big disservice to lesbianism, bisexuality and women. A dude might think that sex with another woman is not really sex, In his mind, a penis is needed to really complete it, or if not complete it, he simply things his girlfriend will always prefer sex that involves penile penetration.