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The body of a teenage girl is considered “high yield” in sex trade.Such body can withstand the pressure and battering, and with average of 15 men per day, the teenager can gross over 00 per day on a good day.Besides, teenagers do not fall sick as often as older girls.

Many still shudder that the girl that seemed normal then is the same woman that is now known as one of the most dangerous human trafficker and sex-slave owners and a certified international criminal, now on the run.

But none who knew her would ever mistake that husky and menacing voice on the videotapes taunting and controlling nude Nigerian girls and threatening she would release those videos to the world if the girls were ever to “misbehave”.

For the Madam, misbehaviour occurs if the girls she had placed in prostitution bondage were to try to regain their freedom from her dominion, which was what precisely happened.

Esther Otubo, the Madam, maintains an apartment at Building 68 room 202, Street 5, Discovery Garden, Marina, Dubai.

In that apartment, she keeps at least 5 girls that she had trafficked from the country of Nigeria to Dubai.