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His quiet evening is only disturbed by the accidental forecast ... The young granddaughter is to take over both of the farms after her marriage.

See full summary » Jurek Kiler (see the prequel to this movie, "Kiler") has become a VIP - sponsoring the Polish government, playing tennis with the President, and stuff. See full summary » The main characters are the same two quarreling pesant families introduced in "Sami swoi" (Our Folks). The old quarrels have been forgotten, but new problems keep popping up. Both Kargul and Pawlak have no rest until they carry out the plan.

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Wacław Kowalski and Władysław Hańcza again put their best effort to make us laugh continuously.

The supporting cast also performs very convincingly.

The film nicely portraits the look of typical Polish village farm at that time. First, the quotes uttered by two lead characters are very memorable.

Second, the situations which are turning up are hilarious.

Komedia obyczajowa, kontynuacja losów dwóch rodzin zabużańskich, osadników na Dolnym Śląsku, którzy po latach szukają męża dla swej wnuczki, by zdobyć następcę do swojego gospodarstwa.