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Nessa’s full name is Nessa Diab and she is originally from Southern California.

As a child she moved back and forth from California to the Middle East because of her father’s job, and it was during this time that she first began writing songs.

“Here is the thing, I was a young girl fearing for my life-I wore gas masks to school,” Nessa said of being present during the Gulf War.

“I heard war sirens constantly and I knew at this point I had to break out of this lifestyle.” I am uncertain of Nessa’s ethnicity, although with the last name of Diab and a father who worked in the Middle East, I think it’s safe to assume at least her dad is Middle Eastern.

(I know, I’m not exactly Sherlock Holmes with that one.) In addition to writing songs, Nessa did some remixing as well, and it was one of these remixes that first got her a little bit of attention.