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The Special Projects team travels to Romania to search for Hetty, while delving into the history of the Comescu crime family, and their connection to Callen.

Hetty confronts Alexa, matriarch of the Comescu family, and it is revealed that Callen's grandfather was an OSS agent who killed several members of the family; the Comescus retaliated, killing his mother, but leaving Callen and his sister alive.

Meanwhile, Eric and Nell discover that Lauren Hunter, the Office of Special Projects' Operations Manager, is a member of the Comescus.

The episode ends in a cliffhanger with the other characters realizing that Hetty has been shot by Alexa.

She then collapses to the ground, her fate unknown.

The NCIS team has to join forces with the NSA to find the creator and controller of a software program linked to a cyber attack against the Department of Defense.

Meanwhile, Callen continues searching for more information about his past.

The episode ends with Callen confronting Hetty about her knowledge about his past and family.