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At this moment, Ji-Hyun, who is driving nearby, hits her breaks, but can't avoid the semi-trailer truck that has stopped in the middle of the road. If the writer make ji hyun Alife and get married to Han kang, this drama will just become another ordinary drama who sell nothing but dream. I want Shin Ji Hyun alive marry with Han Kang and live with her Parents.

Moments later, Ji-Hyun walks out of her car in a daze. I liked the drama until episode 19 but did not like the ending. I would like to express my appreciation for this superb drama that I happened to stumble on after the death of my love ones,namely, my brother in law, my husband, and my brother all within one year in 2011.

She is shocked to see herself being carted into an ambulance. The writer has very high knowledge to understand about the value of life and death and show me all kinds good and bad people living in the earth. And the lead actress Lee Yo Won was mega extraordinary on this drama. She came back to life after 49 days and died after 6. One can only imagine the grief and pain that I experienced due to the above events.

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The man on the motorcycle is the Scheduler (Jung Il-Woo) - an angel of sorts who awaits to take souls to their final destinations. Most important, the writer mention about good personality like Ji Hyun shares her true love to family and all her friends, and she gets back her true love from her bad friend like In Jung by a drop of tear. However, after watching this drama, especially episode19, I learned to come to terms with my grief. Please extend my thanks to the writer So Hyeon-Kyeong and that superb and believable actor, Jung II - Woo.

Ji-Hyun follows her body into the ambulance and watches as the paramedics attempt to revive her body. I dont find him cute when i watched him in THE MOON THAT EMBRACES THE SUN but i realized after this hahahahha.. Watch him in FLOWER BOY RAMYUN SHOP really loved the idea of 49 days and the theme. Great story and loved all the characters and the way they are so understanding. My conclusion, be happy and enjoy life and treat well to all people. This drama is pretty interesting at first it was a little bit dry bu then the story and characters draw you in.

At the hospital, Ji-Hyun meets the Scheduler again. I wish i could think that way also very good acting.story could have had a happy ending and the plot at the end was not really required.the end it gives the impression that all the characters are filled with some or other regret.still a good drama although not the best The writers should be commended for a unique and clever story. Do not care about what they treat good or bad to you. I bought it on ebay, liking the synopsis given and I knew a couple of the actors so I thought I'd give it a try. I was upset at first, but as it settles I feel much better. I can't watch any other korean dramas anymore because they can't live up to this one. This drama is beautiful and teaches you the morality of life and what we should cherish in life and is very heart warming. I normally like show/drama/movie endings to be happy.

The Scheduler tells Ji-Hyun that if three people (besides her family) genuinely sheds tears over her condition within the next 49 days, her body will awake from its coma and she can live again. Just shows all your true love to family, friends, and other people in this world. I've just -- literally like 5 minutes ago -- finished the entire series and I must say that I'm impressed. Han Kang's line, "I want to live as if I only have 49 days." will always remain in my heart. I recommend this to anyone and everyone, though be prepared to cry. I recommend anyone reading this to watch this drama its very interesting (as i have already said) on the importance of life and beauty of love. This drama's ending could be considered poetic by some, but sad by others.

Ji-Hyun instantly thinks of her fiance and two best friends and is certain she will live again. The director have clearly explained the value of life. When a person decides to commit sucide must once watch this drama, I am sure definitely they will quit about thinking to commit sucide, because this clearly explains the value of life and also tells that death is uncertain. The characters were relatable in unexpected ways, the series flowed nicely, and always gave unexpected surprises throughout. I've never gotten emotional over a movie or a television show, so this was a first, but it was beautiful nonetheless. For me though, it fit with the concept of the story as a whole. It was about those who die and how they should settle their affairs so that they leave their loved ones able to cope and live on.