Metamorphosis of prime intellect online dating

These two works of fiction go further than any others I have read in imagining what a post-singularity future would be like. I have criticisms of both books but I wholeheartedly recommend them both.

Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect depicts a hard take-off scenario in which a strong AI emerges in the near future.

Kurzweil hinted at this theme in the Age of Spiritual Machines in which he recounted an episode of The Twilight Zone in which a man dies and goes to heaven which is a casino where he always wins.

Eventually bored with always winning the man asks to go “to the other place” and is told that he is in “the other place.” Personally, I do not think we define our lives with pain and problems.

We can also create new games, new art, have new experiences and will probably never run out of things to learn.

I think we are better off without real problems in a world where, for instance, there is no war, we could still play war video games if we are so inclined.

I think imagining that having everything would be bad is far off base.