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Again, the app gives a definite impression that your hidden photos are safe from prying eyes, and again the app moves your photos out of the gallery – but this time the directory is not even hidden.

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This one has similar failings as the first two apps, using a weakly hidden directory and renaming the images, again easily overcome with nothing more than a file browser. There are some apps for hiding the pictures and text messages on your Android which live up to their promises although they all seem to come with some trade-off.

You really don’t get something for nothing when it comes to apps.

Take, for instance, Hide Pictures & Text Messages: For once, when they say they encrypt the content they actually mean it.

You can still browse to the directory where files are stored but any feasible attempt to open them outside of the app results in a “Load failed! The app lets you hide its own icon too so people won’t even know that you have an app for hiding stuff.

Do you have photographs on your smartphone that you don’t want others to see?