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A hit medical action series revolving around the daily life-or-death situations that two helicopter rescue teams routinely face--such as a madman piloting a gasoline truck full speed toward a crowded kindergarden, which the crew can only stop by leaping onto the roof of the truck. Michael Lüdwitz, paramedic Peter Berger and firebrand pilot Thomas Wächter, and the B Crew, piloted by Sabine Petzl with paramedic Ralf Staller, are in for their greatest tragedy this season, as B Crew's Dr.

Gabriele Kollmann suffers a fatal accident in action. Karin Thaler, fit in to the well-oiled rescue machine…?

Boasting spectacular helicopter stunts shot against the backdrop of Europe’s most stunning scenery, the Austrian Alps, these doctors, pilots and paramedics prove what they’re made of in hair-raising feats—with many of the meticulously prepared stunts executed by the actors themselves.

"Medicopter 117" redefined the meaning of production values and action expertise on European TV, producing stunts and suspense on a par with Hollywood features at a fraction of the cost and achieving many a ground-breaking innovation, such as the Oscar-winning Moviecam SL, which was first used on its set.

No wonder "Medicopter" quickly became one of Germany's top-rated TV series, with a loyal audience of 6.7 million per week and ratings that often top Champion's League Soccer.