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“The victim who was in tears, ran and hugged a female police officer in the raiding team.She had bruises on her forehead and a cut on her neck.” The suspect denied the allegations, insisting he had only hugged his daughter to sleep as she missed home, the source added.The victim was taken to the police station where her statement was recorded.

He then forced himself on her as she struggled to escape.

Police sources said he continued to rape her repeatedly over the next three weeks until she was rescued on Thursday.

A source said: “The suspect hit her knees with a hammer, slapped, strangled and kicked her before placing a knife on her neck. “She worked at a nearby wholesale shop to earn pocket money.

She was living just steps away from the Chow Kit police station but perhaps was too scared to reach out for help.” A neighbour, living near the suspect’s unit, alerted the girl’s mother after hearing her cries.

The mother lodged a police report in Lundu that she believed her daughter was being assaulted, on September 8.


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