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There are several sources for understanding Canaanite life and religion, and in particular the Canaanite pantheon, of which Baal is certainly among the preeminent gods.

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Further, the OT makes reference to other Canaanite deities including the goddess Asherah (40 times) as well as the goddess Ashtoreth (10 times)., Israel's propensity for engaging in Baal worship at certain points in her history (cf.

Judges ; 3:7; ; 10:6, 10, Hosea , etc.), as well as the cultic practices of certain Baal prophets (cf. While the information contained in the OT is helpful in attempting to understand Canaanite religious practices, especially as it concerns Baalism, it is nonetheless, according to many scholars, limited in at least two ways.

First, most of the references to Baalism do not attempt to explicate a complete picture of the beliefs or the cult, but only mention it in passing.

Second, and in connection with the first limitation, the OT writers maintain a polemical stance towards Baalism and therefore present an extremely pejorative viewpoint.

The Old Testament did not come to expression in a vacuum.