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Mesopotamia was regarded by them as a conquered country, and all such lands as had not been allocated by the Government to private individuals belonged in theory to the State.

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Such amalgamation was inevitable at first owing to the lack of British officei's and of qualified Arab assistants, but it was not intended to be otherwise than a temporary expedient ; and with the increase of stalf and the development of administration, Customs, Auqaf and Education became separate units.

In addition, Auqaf and Education were included, ^ike ( 'ustoins, in the Revenue Department.

Quarantine, which may have had its uses in Turkish times in connection with the annual influx of i^ilgrims, chiefly from Persia; was no longer needed, since pilgrimage had been intermitted by the war and the port -authorities ilealt with arrivals by sea.

— The Occupation of Mosul ----- 47 VI.— The Kurdish Question - - - - - 57 VII. Ahmy of tliese miscellaneous revenues liad been allocated to the public debt and collected by its officers ; the administration of the -debt was therefore allotted to the Revenue Department, until in 1917 the separate •organisation of the debt was terminated.

-Relations with Arab and Kurdish Tribes, and with the Holy Cities after the fall of Baghdad - - - 33 V. 103 X.— The Nationalist Movement - - - - 126 Index - 148 ■■■■I ^' X ^ acco trade, of which there was little till the occupation of Baghdad brought its into contact with tobacco-growing areas, fell under the direction of the same department, together with other miscollaneons revenues.