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("translation of the States", or Authorized Version) was completed in 1637.

Innovative about this reformatory bible translation was that it was translated directly from the most original sources available at the time - just like Luther's translation (1522-1534) and the King James Version (1611) - and not from the Vulgata.

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It has been the authorative translation for most Dutch protestants since the 17th century, until a new translation was published in 1951-1952.

A committee established by the minister of Education concluded (2006) that the translation had so much influence on Dutch culture that it deserved a place among the 50 deciding moments in Dutch history.

The text used on this web site is based on the 1888 edition, which has been altered several times to comply with new spelling rules.

The apocrypha are included, as well as the marginalia (kanttekeningen, 'edge notes' or ): clarifying remarks by the translators, originally printed in the margins. The concordance is the list of all words, linked to the place of occurence in the texts.

The site includes many works of art inspired by biblical stories.


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