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We have done the same with almost all the artists we've signed over the years, except for the artist that we've signed who already had a fan base and previous albums out, and videos, etc, such as Esham, Dayton Family, and even Vanilla Ice (only Vanilla Ice never actually handed in an album so nothing of his ever came out on Psychopathic). Signing and working with Blahzay Roze has been no different. Everybody from 40 year old Juggalos who know everything there is to know about the Hatchet all the way down to 11 year old kids, just talking shit, who don't know a fucking thing about the Hatchet.

On the net, all voices are equally as loud and powerful.

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Once I tell the exact truth, as I'm about to do, whoever wants to hate on her and us can hate to the fullest all they like and those who want to support her and us can support us. Now if anybody that’s reading this doesn't believe me and thinks I'm lying or exaggerating about anything I'm about to tell you, you, my friends, can suck a dick up until you hiccup.

Because I'd never lie about this shit; it would only come back to bite me in the ass and I would look like a fuckin' fool. Young Wicked set it all up for me because I still don't know much about how to work all that shit.

Plus, I myself think the truth of how we discovered Blahzay Roze is actually kind of cool, and so there really is no need to lie or hype anything up because we don't have anything to hide. It's very embarrassing to admit that because the net is nothing new anymore and yet I still don't know how to really work it and I find that rather pathetic about myself.

My own mom knows more about the net than me and my kids do too.

That’s awesome because so far she has sold way, way more CDs than any of us expected! If you ninjas only knew how far she has come in the last 6 months!