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Fender was buying D130s for use in their Dual Showman systems, but they were experiencing problems in surrounds drying out from outdoor use, and burnouts from improper mounting techniques.I wrote a memo to the president of JBL, outlining a plan to let me design a series of speakers made specifically for musical use and he agreed.

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Since I was making up new model numbers, I decided where possible to keep it simple, so the 12″ (originally the D131) became the D120F, and the new 10″ became the D110F. I didn’t want to leave it in the 13x range because it was different and the 150 was already being used by our theater woofer.

The 140 was not being used, so I named the new bass speaker the D140F.

After I left JBL, I understand they came out with the black crinkle finish and renamed them E series.

The first major modifications were made in the K series, as I understand it.

This directory contains USENET articles Mic has saved about guitars, equipment, pickup, techniques, players, and so on.


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