I believe in miracles since you came along you sexy

Or could it be an Old Testament, Angry, Yahweh Face? And as you know, without resources, nothing gets done in the Real world.

i believe in miracles since you came along you sexy-6

I believe in miracles since you came along you sexy

It is hard for many of us to believe that, as you will see on this page, idolatry is so widespread; people still worship statues, sheets, trees, bathroom doors, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

They actually believe these objects have magical, supernatural properties.

These images and videos illustrate the phenomenon known as "pareidolia," or the tendency for the human psyche to construct familiar images from vague, coincidental but random patterns.

As the impressionist artists demonstrated, we don't need complete information to construct images. Because of the way our brains are designed to construct images from visual stimuli, it shouldn't surprise us that—given the countless random patterns we happen upon—occasionally we encounter patterns that our brains can construct into apparent images of real things.

In fact, cartoonists and other artists have demonstrated that we can often create fairly clear images from very little information. After all, our brains are "in the business" of constructing a visual world from discrete bits of sensory information.