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Currently I have written the following reviews, all posted at Thundie’s Prattle: Lie to Me Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary!And now it’s time for Episode 2 of Moon Lovers, which I know aired yesterday, and there’s a whole third episode sitting here waiting for me to get to it. I do wonder if there was a better way, conceptually, to start this series in a way that could still introduce everyone properly and have more plot happen off the bat. The second episode was a lot more action-packed than the first, since we could move past most of the introductions (even though I’m still working to keep all the princes and bloodline loyalties straight in my goldfish-memory brain).

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Well, I suppose it was his fault she almost fell, so it’s the least he could do.

Su stares up at So with wide eyes, clinging tightly as he continues riding for a bit before halting the horse. Glaring, she stops him to chastise him for his rudeness.

She’s transfixed, looking intently into his face, and he glances back at her… He’s taken aback at her forthrightness, but responds by purposely rearing his horse up on its hind legs to scare her.

She falls down and he rides on with a smirk, leaving her fuming in his wake.

The maids enter with snacks, which is also Su’s cue to join the gathering, although she does her best to hang back out of sight.


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