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Add photos from Flickr to your visits and share your journey with your family and friends!

– visits Being in a long distance relationship requires a thoughtful way of communication.

A text message as a rudimental and reliable fragment at the end of every day, that you don’t see each other, helps to make oneself more tangible, but also to reflect happenings like a diary would do.

Post History is one in a series of projects that explore the notion of history in computer applications and online environments.

By developing time-based visualizations of digital activities, we hope to raise questions such as: what is digital memory?

How can we understand, interact with and, more importantly, share our digital history?

The visualizations in Post History mainly fall into two main categories: - email landscape - personal email social network Because we are interested in looking at changes over time, the main visual metaphor is the calendar.

The social network visualizations are also animated over time.