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We’re not sure if we can “thank” Middle Easy for passing along the image that awaits you after the jump, but out of morbid curiosity, we are going to pass it along to you nonetheless. If you think Theresa`s story is impossible,, four weeks ago my cousins step dad also earned 01 grafting a 20 hour week from home and the're classmate's half-sister`s neighbour has been doing this for 6 months and broght in more than 01 part-time from their pc. Com===== @jonjonesbentley - have you seen the weapons safety message a couple years ago in Afghanistan where the idiot solider used a loose Ma-Duece round to lock in the weapon on the mounting system.

We do not know who the poor sap on the receiving end of this…But if the photo below does not make you recoil in disgust, then vomit into your lap and possibly even denounce the concept of marriage altogether, I will proudly hand over my expired press pass and gun to the Cage Potato offices and retire.

Whotta bout the dude that fell off the ladder and got his ring hung up on a gutter and pulled his finger off and the tendon up to the shoulder right outta his arm...thats cringe worthy...these hand injuries are fuckin nuthin, every fighter exspects his/her hands to get fucked up.

Do you ever wonder “what’s the best way to clean my vinyl floor?

” You’re not alone, a lot of people ask the same question and the answer usually results in using a standard mop and bucket- but this method of cleaning your floors can create more problems than solutions.

We’ve provided you with an easy way on how to clean your vinyl floor while protecting it at the same time.

Water from an overly wet mop and bucket will work its way into the cracks, seams, and edges of your floor and when this happens it can destroy the glue that holds down the vinyl, causing it to come loose or corners to curl.

The scrub and dry mode will scrub and extract the excess water at the same time. By pushing the machine in a forward motion you’re allowing it to scrub the floor, then when you release the trigger and move back, only suction is used to effectively extract all the water and dirt from the floor to then be placed into the dirty water tank.