First message online dating to a man expression

You can’t stop giggling — your face can’t contain how much happiness you’re feeling. No one gets the overt impression that you’re in a happy mood but there’s a general positivity radiating off of you. As you’re reading about them it’s not a problem for you to recall the feeling at least a little bit.

Same with sadness: 10 and you’re sobbing uncontrollably, 1 and people who know you well can tell there’s a little something off. On the other hand, most people don’t have the same relationship with their sexual feelings.

When you’re feeling around a 1 on the sexy scale, people may find you sexy, but no one’s going to get the impression that you’re flirting with them.

Instead, there’s just a little extra buzz about you — a little more personality in your tonality.

This expresses confidence, not only because you’re expressing comfort with all of yourself, but because sexual feelings are so often repressed in our culture.

When someone shows comfort with something most people have a hangup with it’s powerful — even though it should be no more difficult than being a little happy or sad on any particular day.

In these kinds of articles I typically never read this introduction and jump straight to the myths to see whether or not I agree with them…