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Facebook Dating is part of the large and free Dating DNA dating network service, but allows Facebook users to verify that they have a valid Facebook account and lets other users see how many friends they have on Facebook. • REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL PHOTOS - Community Monitoring quickly tosses pervs, fakes and frauds.• NO ADVERTISING in the app.• QUICKLY IDENTIFY other verified Facebook users.

Because fakes and frauds won't usually go to the trouble to set up a Facebook account with lots of friends, just knowing that others in the network are also verified Facebook users, gives the users a lot more confidence that the other person is for real. THIS APP NEVER POSTS ANYTHING TO YOU OR YOUR FRIEND'S FACEBOOK PAGES... The app only uses Facebook Connect to verify your Facebook account, but never posts anything to your pages, so your privacy is always assured. • Free, world-class support via email 24/7.• In-depth Compatibility Matching (goes way beyond silly winks and pokes).• "Compatibility Threshold" - Only those who meet your standards can view your profile or send you messages.• Device-based Geo Location verifies the city & country others message from, keeping out the fakes.

• Push Notifications for new messages.• At-a-Glance Compatibility Scoring.• At-a-Glance Dating Potential Indicator.• "Match Radar" - GPS enabled for finding nearby Matches when mobile.• Chat rooms.• Use Worldwide - Locate Matches within a fraction of a mile/km right next door or across the globe.• Any sex - straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.• Extensive Friends List management.• Email with historical Message Logs keeps all your conversations together.• Multi-touch Photo Viewing.• Optional Myers-Briggs personality profile included.• Also use from your PC or Mac at Integration with Social Networks like Facebook and My Space.

NOTE: You must be 18 years or older to join this dating network.

Video tour: Run by volunteers who just want to see "dating done right," the Dating DNA website and service are 100% free of cost and contain no advertising.